Neil Harbisson in front of the Tokyo Tower (2017)

Self-portrait with the first version of my barometric organ installed at the back of my head. (2017)

Cyborg artists Neil Harbisson & Moon Ribas at Primavera Sound Festival (2017)

Neil Harbisson before a talk in Guangzhou. (2017)

Neil Harbisson at Parc de les Aigües. (2017)

Neil Harbisson in a plane flying to Australia. (2017)

Cyborg artist Pau Prats & electronical engineer Fenix Binario working on the creation of a new sensory organ at the Transpecies Society lab. (2019)

Self-portrait during the process of creating the audible stimuli for the third version of my Weather Sense. (2019)

Self-portrait wearing a prototype of the Weather Fins (organ for the third version of my weather sense). (2019)

Bust wearing a 3D printed design of the Sonochromatic Antenna and the Weather Fins at the Transpecies Society lab. (2018)

Cyborg artist Joe Dekni presenting a live surgery performance at the Transpecies Society studio. (2018)

Joe Dekni's cybernetic sensory organ to perceive presences behind him. (2018)


Joe Dekni testing his new echolocation for the first time.

Cyborg and musician Pau Riba at the front door of his house.

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